On 27 November, Graeme signed EDM 720.  The motion reads:

That this House welcomes World Toilet Day on 19 November 2012; recognises that one in three women risk shame, disease, harassment and even attack because they do not have a safe place to go to the toilet; calls for more to be done to improve sanitation in the developing world; understands that sanitation and hygiene are two of the most cost-effective health interventions; further recognises that improved water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) would help to reduce the burden of diarrhoea, a disease that kills 760,000 children every year; supports the work of organisations such as PATH, WaterAid, Tearfund and others involved in raising the profile of these issues and working to take effective action to improve WASH and reduce the impact of diarrhoea; further welcomes the commitment made in April 2012 to double the number of people the Government will reach with WASH by 2015; and calls on the Government to work further with international partners to prioritise these vital issues.